when words are not enough …

We are thrilled to announce that our book ‘When Words Are Not Enough – creative responses to grief’ will be published Hawthorn Press in October 2022!   ‘When Words Not Enough’  is our attempt to bridge the divide between the silence that surrounds grief and the lived experience of the bereaved. 

TEN YEARS – we’ve been grieving together

A Challenge to honour Josh’s memory The ten year anniversary of Josh’s departing seemed a challenge under covid restrictions and I wanted to honor Josh’s memory and make sure his family knew we were all thinking of them and of Josh. Since Josh died we grieved together, in fact my relationship with Josh’s family began […]

Mid winter – from darkness into light.

Just as darkness has taught us so much, light will show us there is space to heal. Sharon Jackson’s partner Graham died suddenly in June this year. Sharon is a Yoga teacher and led the breathworks sessions on our recent Active Grief Weekend. She is also our next door neighbour and very good friend. Here she writes about […]


ONLINE SCREENINGS – are they the way to go? It’s proving that way. While it’s sad not to be in the actual real life presence of audiences, watching our films and engaging in face to face discussions, we have had considerable success with a number of recent online screenings with many more people being able […]


Shining a Light on Grief The pandemic that we found ourselves bound by has brought the topic of grief to light. COVID 19 has hit us in the face with some force, prompting us all to think more about death, dying and bereavement and to speak more openly about our sorrows. But while we have all been forced […]


The following screenings are all online so you can register from anywhere in the world. Join us from the comfort of your own sofa to watch the film and add your voice to the discussions. The film is 75 minutes and we normally allow 30 minutes for the Q&A afterwards. The Centre for Complicated Grief, […]

BEYOND THE MASK and other news

We hope you are well and finding wonderfully creative things to do during this extraordinary if unsettling period of our lives.  The Covid pandemic has brought a high level of distress and anxiety but at the same time shed much needed light on some of the systemic inequities in our society particularly along the lines […]

A New Decade …

Ten years ago we celebrated the New Year and a new decade in New York.  This was 2009/10 and the last time we saw in the New Year as a complete family – together. The next winter our son Josh was on his travels in South East Asia.  On Christmas Day he phoned us from somewhere in […]


Grief Actually – yes grief actually is love actually!  And here’s a short video we made following our first ACTIVE GRIEF WEEKEND Retreat last May.  The weekend was so successful and we now have two more planned, the first from 16ht to 18th November again at Charney Manor and the second at Manifold Farm in […]