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 Dedicated to understanding grief as a creative and active process


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In a culture that is still uneasy talking about death, dying and bereavement,

A Love That Never Dies  gives a voice to grief in ways that will move and inspire. 

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Our Mission

Approximately 6000 young people under the age of 24 die in the UK every year leaving  up to 50,000 newly bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.

Our mission is to support families grieving after the untimely death of a loved one, particularly the death of a child. We do this by encouraging a creative response to grief and by looking for new ways of expressing the pain of loss with various art forms and media.

And to promote an understanding of what it means to grieve in a society that often has difficulty talking openly about death, dying and bereavement.  We do this with our films and talks.

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Our Story

The Good Grief Project is the brainchild of bereaved parents Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds whose son Josh died in a road accident in Vietnam in 2011.

Jane is a psychotherapist and Jimmy is a filmmaker. Our response to Josh’s death has been to use both the still and the moving image to articulate our grief.

We now want to help you to find your way of expressing your grief.

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Our Work

Grief is work – hard work. There’s no getting away from it. And grieving for a child is possibly the hardest work of all. Our latest documentary A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES (to be released 2017) chronicles some of that work as we travel across the USA and Mexico in search of others who like us, are also trying to find meaning in their child’s death. Watch the trailer below.

As well as our films and photography projects, we are developing a series of creative workshops, courses and retreats all designed to help you actively work with your grief.

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‘It’s impossible to walk a yard never mind a mile in the shoes of the bereaved parent.  The Good Grief Project takes you on a journey which helps you understand what it’s like to lose a child. As police officers we need to understand the impact of bereavement better’

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Webster, Lancashire Constabulary

‘For me the most powerful thing is the courage your work gives the perplexed non-bereaved person to step towards their bereaved friends and know that it’s OK’

Dr Kathryn Mannix, Author - With The End In Mind

ABOUT A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES – ‘One of the most important films ever made about the death of a child’

Dr Carol Kearns, Psychologist and Bereaved Mother

I applaud the work of The Good Grief Project’ supporting families and opening up the vital conversation around loss and bereavement’ 

Jo Brand, Comedian, Presenter, Ex Psychiatric Nurse

‘A beautiful and important film.  A Love That Never Dies speaks to the greatest form of loss imaginable.’

Juliet Stevenson, Actress

ABOUT A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES – ‘A beautiful, thoughtful exploration of grief. I felt less alone after watching it, and more connected to my fellow humans.’

Cathy Rentzenbrink, Author - The Last Act of Love

ABOUT A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES ‘Seering honesty. Fantastic film. Just love what you are doing.’

Louise Minchin , Presenter BBC Breakfast Show

‘I can honestly say after 25 years in Palliative Care that watching A Love That Never Dies completely changed my understanding of bereavement.’ 


Sharon Hudson , Community Development Lead Birmingham NHS

ABOUT A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES – ‘I loved the way you encouraged the families to talk about their children with such tenderness. And the powerful way themes of continuing bonds and the many ways they are expressed emerged over and over.’

Catherine Seigal, Author - ' Bereaved Parents and their Continuing Bonds: Love after Death'

The work of The Good Grief Project shows us that grief cannot be made better and that by simply turning up, powerless, lost for words yet willing to be present, we can hold a space for the grieving and mark our sense of shared humanity’

Dr Kathryn Mannix, Author - With the End in MInd


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