A Film by Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris

The pandemic has provoked many to think again about our relationship to death, dying and bereavement. It turns out that fears and anxieties of illness and mortality (of ours and others) are mirrored in the way we respond to difference and social inequalities. Conversations about grief often lead to an appreciation of many other kinds of trauma and loss and a better understanding of what it means to be truly human.

BEYOND THE MASK is an important contribution to this conversation – indeed the film leaves the viewer feeling encouraged about our world and we now invite you to join with us in sharing this thought-provoking documentary with your own community. 

We like to collaborate closely with you in the way the event is financed. You may want to charge for tickets or ask for donations from your audience and this would be reflected in the licence fee starting at £150 for a single on line screening including the Q & A.

All funds raised this way, allow us to continue making films relevant to the bereavement community as well as to host our Active Grief Retreats for bereaved families.

To find out more about organising your own screening of BEYOND THE MASK, use the CONTACT FORM or email us at:

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A Film by Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris

A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES is a personal journey by the founders of The Good Grief Project, Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds, who describe it as a love letter to their son Josh.

Josh died in a road accident in South East Asia in 2011 and they now honour him with their own journeys: to Vietnam and the place where he died, to Varanasi, India and a road trip across the USA, where they meet with other families who have also lost a child, all of whom have found grief variously isolating, transformative yet ultimately life enhancing.

For home viewing, you can watch A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES on both Amazon and Vimeo from anywhere in the world. See below for details.

If you’d like to screen any of our films at a public event, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

How to Watch A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES - home viewing

For home viewing, you have three options to view A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES depending on your location – either on Amazon or Vimeo.

Cert : 12a Running time: 75 MINS

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How to Watch our filmS - training, educational and group screenings

We have special community and educational licences that you must buy if you want to show EITHER OF OUR FILMS  in a group screening.

There are two hire rates – one for ticketed and one for free community screenings. Please call us (+44 (0)7808 472 885) or email to discuss your options.

Depending on availability, the film directors can attend your screening to discuss the impact of the film with your audience.


Film projects like A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES and BEYOND THE MASK have substantial production costs which won’t be covered by our income.

If you value the work we do please consider a donation to help us develop THE GOOD GRIEF PROJECT as one of the best resources for bereaved families everywhere.

Thank you for your support.

“Grief is about doing…if you do stuff, you express stuff, that’s when you move forward in grief.”


We have developed a number of workshops, courses and weekend retreats all designed to help you to manage and express your grief in ways that are both active and true to you.

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