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Every company and organisation is dealing with PEOPLE – customers, employees, managers – people whose physical and mental wellbeing are essential for the smooth running of your enterprise.

Your staff or your clients are also people who may well be suffering from the effects of loss – be it the death of a loved one, a divorce or even loss of position or control at work. Globally the world is waking up to the importance of good mental health, the impact on companies and the cost when mental health issues are not addressed.

There is fear however in many organizations about ‘opening a can of worms’, and that discussing sensitive issues or that confronting the silence around someone’s problems could lead to further unrest and anxiety.

We acknowledge this fear but we can help you and your organisation avoid getting stuck when personal or professional trauma or any major change occurs.

When a person who is grieving cannot cope with their own responses, they may bury them deeply and behave as if nothing is wrong. They then stop engaging fully and openly with others, including their family and work colleagues. They might even thrash out their feelings and thoughts, projecting them all over the place causing much confusion and hurt to themselves and others.

But when someone has a good understanding of grief and a better awareness of their feelings, their responses will be much healthier and more socially productive. They will also be more supportive of others with similar difficulties and this will enable them to evolve through their own grief. They will be stronger, have a new perspective on how to deal with life’s problems and have a much higher self-esteem.

What people have said …

Our Speakers

Jane Harris

Founder, The Good Grief Project

Jane is a psychotherapist, bereavement specialist and supervisor with 25 years of professional experience and a special interest in family relations.

She founded The Good Grief Project with her partner and filmmaker Jimmy Edmonds following the death of their son Joshua in 2011. Since then she has helped develop the charity as a creative resource for bereaved families and has become a significant voice in contemporary conversations about death, dying and bereavement.

Jane has been a guest on Radio 4 Women’s Hour and made a number of TV appearances including BBC Breakfast Show.

She has two other children Joe and Rosa and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Our mission is to promote an understanding of what it means to grieve in a society that often has difficulty talking openly about all kinds of bereavement.

What exactly does it mean to grieve? Is there a certain way you should act?

Lizzie Pickering

Public speaker & Film Producer

Lizzie is an experienced public speaker and film producer. She currently works with companies supporting staff through all types of loss, writing grief guidelines, and delivering talks and 1:1 sessions on grief.

Following the death of her son Harry aged 6 in November 2000, Lizzie co-founded the Fundraising Team at Helen & Douglas House, the world’s first hospice for children and young adults, helping to raise £5 million a year. and where she also worked closely with the Bereavement Team. 

Lizzie’s passions are philanthropy, film and the study of grief. She lives in Oxfordshire and has two other children Cam and Emilie.

The social, emotional, physical and financial costs of unresolved grief are enormous, yet so much can be done to change this. In hearing the stories of others, we can often hold a mirror up to ourselves, or our professional situation.

How to Book Us

We create tailor-made sessions for your company and staff. We can deliver:

  • A one hour talk with Q&A to all staff.
  • Plenary session or break-out conducted as part of an annual conference.
  • Training talk with HR Directors or Teams.
  • Management team session.

We are very open to discussing your needs – anything is possible. Please contact us by email: jane@thegoodgriefproject.co.uk


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