Grief Fit

An online fitness programme to promote physical and mental wellbeing, and to help you navigate your grief in a supportive community 

Are you grief fit?

Are you a bereaved parent or sibling?  Has the death of your child or your brother or sister left you with a grief that feels too heavy a burden to carry on your own? Do you feel isolated and unmotivated? 

As a bereaved family ourselves we know how you feel. When our son and brother Joshua died in 2011, we were not only thrown into the deepest anguish and pain, but we also seemed to lose all direction in life. Our minds became fogged and it felt like our bodies had turned to mush. Thirteen years later our grief is a less hostile companion and we’ve learnt to accommodate our loss in ways we never thought possible all those years ago.  

If our grief has been a learning curve, one of the main lessons is to adopt a proactive approach – not to shy away from difficult feelings but to ‘lean into our grief’ in ways that are both creative and active.  These are the fundamentals of our ACTIVE GRIEF PROGRAMME of weekend retreats.


The Good Grief Project has now launched GRIEF-fit, a new programme focusing on mental health, physical fitness and self-care.  It is led by Josh’s brother Joe, himself an experienced and fully qualified physical trainer who facilitates the physical exercise sessions on our retreats.  

"After the immediate trauma of my brother’s death I suffered a period of deep depression that felt so debilitating.  But with the support of others and my own firm belief in the benefits of physical exercise I began my own journey to improve both my mental and physical well being. Being more active in an intentional way made me fitter physically, but it also gave me the time to be closer to my brother. Nothing was going to 'fix' what had happened. Nothing was going to bring Josh back, but I had found a renewed purpose where it felt good to express my grief - safely and constructively."

When does Grief Fit start?

We have four GRIEF-fit programmes per year, each lasting for 9 weeks.

Start dates:

7th October 2024 

30th December 2024

3rd March 2025

2nd June 2025

how do i sign up?

Each cohort will have 8 spaces available.  Places will be given on a first come first serve basis.  Download your application form …

Still Unsure?

We totally get it if you need to find out more.  If you’d like to discuss the programme in more detail before making your decision you can book a call with Joe.   Please EMAIL  and he’ll respond without delay.

How Grief-fit will help you?

It will channel your energies. Grief is energy – and it’s hard work.  The idea behind Grief-fit is to channel our energies in ways that promote a more compassionate, confident and composed approach to our grief

It will improve your health and help you practice self-care. Regular exercise and movement has a dramatic impact on both physical fitness and mental health. Exercise also offers a ‘space’ for self-care that will enhance our connection to our grief and to our loved one.

You will be part of an active community. We love the idea of peer to peer support and although Grief-fit is a remote fitness programme we’ve found it fosters an amazing sense of community with others similarly bereaved and with a similar need to address their grief pro-actively. Grief-fit aims to offer a compassionate and trusting space to express and share your grief with other bereaved parents and siblings.f

How does grief fit work?

Each programme last for 9 weeks and you will be part of a remote (ie online) cohort of up to 8 people led and coached by Joe Edmonds.

You will be fully supported to identify some realistic and achievable health & fitness goals to work towards across the programme.  Joe will then build your own personal training programme for you to follow.  The idea is that you will train independently and at times of your own choosing.  

You will have access to:

  • A fitness app, housing your own personal training programme
  • A WhatsApp group for peer to peer support
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Group Video meets
  • Ongoing fitness advice and guidance including nutrition and weight management support upon request

How much does grief fit cost?

The full cost of the 9 week programme is £300 …

… but as an introductory offer The Good Grief Project is able to subsidise this.  So the cost to you is just £150 

We also have further discounts available for those on low incomes (please enquire)


7th October 2024 

30th December 2024

3rd March 2025

2nd June 2025

Our NEW 9-week online programme

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A self-care programme designed exclusively for bereaved parents and siblings and focusing on your mental health and physical fitness.

Starts October 2024