On behalf of Hollie and Joe we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the THE GOOD GRIEF PROJECT as a way of honouring their marriage last month.  As of today the total amount that you have contributed is a massive


We are truly grateful for all this support – it means that we can continue to develop the charity in ways that will benefit many bereaved families.   As well as our current work of promoting our new documentary A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES (check out the new website) we now have a date for our first Active Grief weekend for bereaved parents and siblings.   Find out more about this here.   And our work of promoting the creative potential of grief continues apace – we have now been booked for a total of six different screenings, talks and presentations in the next two months.  Venues and organisations that want us talk about our work include Hospice UK, Cruse Bereavement Care, The Compassionate Friends and a number of NHS trusts.

So thanks everyone – your faith gives us strength.

Jimmy and Jane

September 2017