“We believe that in telling our story of trauma or loss we help ourselves to more fully acknowledge that loss and to bring the reality  more into the centre of our lives.”  Jimmy Edmonds (Josh’s Dad)


When you tell the story of your grief, you may find that it is now no longer the burden it once was.   There may even be a kind of release as others listen to how you have grappled with all the confused emotions that accompany grief, especially the kind that follows an untimely or unnatural death.  At the same time you will also be giving others permission to tell of their loss. There are benefits to everyone in hearing stories of grief.

The stories on this page have been entrusted to us by families in the USA and Mexico as we travelled across the continent filming for the documentary A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES.

Thanks to everyone who opened their hearts to us.

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Share your story

You might want to tell us your own story and it maybe that it is one we’d like to feature on these pages in future. If you are interested in talking about your grief either as a video clip or as a photo story, please contact us via the button below and tell us, in no more than 500 words, how you would like to contribute.

Alternatively, there are also many websites where you can share your story directly. On memorial websites like Buy Diazepam Online Uk Next Day Delivery you can create your own personalized tribute page to remember and commemorate your loved one.

And bereavement charities like Buy Lorazepam Eu have internet forums, local groups and a special page where you can join others who have found the value of sharing their grief.

We want to hear your story of grief

Buy Soma Fast Shipping