The photographs in this gallery were all made by bereaved parents attending our weekend retreat at Manifold Farm in Derbyshire in March 2019.

Following the success of our previous workshops, participants to our Active Grief Weekend were again invited to explore their grief with photography.  For many this was about conquering a fear of looking at photographs of their child who has died.   In the words of one contributor “I have changed how I look at things in a way I didn’t feel would ever be possible.”

Others described how we can make new stories from the photos we have of our children.

“Photography, flash flash flash, our memories search the database in our heads for ideas. Photographs on dry stone walls and melded into trees, a lone dark figure enveloped in smoke – the tree trunk at her spine saying I’ve got your back. Your boy is in the wind and dancing on the vibrations from your laugh. He’s the energy lifting up your eyelids and helping you to take the next step.”

Thank you for looking.

cover photo by Joe Edmonds