VIDEO: Watch The Good Grief Project Kilimanmjaro Challenge

It’s taken a while – but we now have finished the video of the latest Good Grief Project challenge to climb Kilimanjaro. 

Grief, we have found, can be a collective endeavour and ten of us came together to take on what proved to be a seriously arduous expedition. With night time temperatures dropping to – 15°C and oxygen levels at 50% the challenge was as much physical as it was mental. 

Mountains and mountain expeditions are exemplary metaphors for grief. Anyone who has been bereaved will recognise that sense of a continual uphill struggle, arduous, gruelling, with so many mood fluctuations, and often containing false horizons.

They will also know that the metaphor works only so far. Our challenge to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro had an end point… grief doesn’t.

Grief, especially grief following the death of a child, is unending. This is not a bad thing. It just is. At the same time to attain our goal and to stand on the roof of Africa was an achievement to savour.

Watch the video: one team one dream

This expedition was the second of two Kilimanjaro challenges, both dedicated to raising funds for our ACTIVE GRIEF WEEKEND retreats. We are so grateful to both teams and to all those who have so kindly donated to the cause. Together you have raised over £150,000 which is totally amazing. 

Watch the video from the first TGGP Kili Challenge back in October 2022

To suffer the death of one of your children is every parents worst nightmare and the grief that follows can be so devastating and so debilitating. By funding THE GOOD GRIEF PROJECT you have helped us both to support bereaved parents and siblings, but also to challenge some accepted notions about the way we grieve. All this helps us to feel less alone and we are so so grateful.

The donation page for the Kilimanjaro Challenge will remain open for a little while longer so if you’d still like to contribute please feel free. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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