Report on our Travels to the USA and Mexico now available

As many will know, our travels to the USA and Mexico to make our documentary A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES was part funded by the WINSTON CHURCHILL MEMORIAL TRUST – a foundation set up to award grants to people wanting to travel abroad to research best practice in their chosen field. ‘Travel to Learn – Return to Inspire’ is the WCMT motif. The expectation is that you will use your travels and your research to improve your own community practices back home.

Two years later we not only do we now have our film to show to audiences in the UK, I have also completed my report on the trip – what our expectations were and what we have learnt.

You can download the report here FOR FREE! That’s it – no charge.

Download the Report on our Travels to USA and Mexico

We are not academics so it comes with the proviso that many of our observations are quite subjective, anecdotal and do not in any way aspire to further the theoretical knowledge base on the subjects of grief and loss. That said I’m pretty sure you’ll find it an interesting read.

Here are some stand out lines –

“we don’t learnt to mourn at our mother’s knee” (page 7)

“there is a madness in grief that can be very frightening but nearly all our contributors spoke of facing up to their fears and of ‘walking through the fire’ ” (page 9)

“a stifled grief is an unhealthy grief” (page 12)

“we are wired for attachment … the question for a bereaved parent is how to maintain a sense of connection and revise it in the light of their childs physical absence” (page 13)

“here in Oaxaca (Mexico) we are afraid of death. We toy with it but really we are scared to really face up to it” (page 17)

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October 2017


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