We are currently developing a number of workshops, courses and weekend retreats all designed to help you to manage and express your grief in ways that are both active and true to you.

We believe grief is about doing – we learnt this from Rachel Claye, a bereaved sibling and one of the contributors to our film Say Their Name. “It’s not just feeling dreadful in a dark room.” she says. “If you do stuff, you express stuff and it’s active, that’s when you move forward in grief; and no one can tell you what you need to do because it is about love and it’s about your unique relationship with that person who’s died and only you can possibly find the right symbols or metaphors or things that express that.  No-one can lecture you, you can’t read a book that tells you.  It comes from within that stuff”.

ACTIVE GRIEF: a course using exercise & sports training to promote a return to vitality

What we now want to do is to help you to find that stuff that comes from within; to do the things that will help you to find new meaning in your life.  We want to help you discover new ways of remembering your child and your lives together.  This work is based on ideas that flow from the concept of ‘continuing the bond’ with your child – of not wanting to cut off from them but of building a new kind of relationship with them.

We don’t pretend that this is easy, but our courses are designed to guide you gently as you struggle to find the symbols and metaphors that will give meaning to your life without your child.  And we want to show you some new practical and creative skills that will help you as you begin to integrate your loss into your life.

Exploring Grief through Photography


We are planning a number of therapeutic, creative and activity based courses across various media and art forms.

  • Exploring Grief with Photography
  • A Mindful Grief (introduction to mindfulness)
  • A Song for our Child (choir and drama workshops)
  • The Texture of Love (weaving and embroidery workshops)
  • Active Grief (using exercise and sports training to promote a return to vitality)
  • Walking through Grief (as above but at a slower pace)

Our workshops and courses will be offered to small groups (10-12) of both bereaved and non-bereaved and will require no previous experience. The length and combination of each will vary from four hours to weekend residential retreats. We should be ready to start in the spring/summer of 2017.

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