Name: Denise and Duffy St Pierre

Location: New Orleans , Louisiana

Filming Dates: 15th –  17th September 2015

denise with nick (janes phone)WC

duffy with boys (janes phone)WC

Madison on the left, Christian on the right

nick (janes phone)WC

Nick shortly before he died

Denise and Duffy’s stories are interconnected.    When Duffy’s son Madison died in a car accident in 2006 he sought out the solace and the company of other bereaved parents in the Compassionate Friends.   There he met Denise whose son Nick had died in 2005 from the disease of addiction.   They fell in love and have supported each other ever since, eventually marrying in 2012.  Further tragedy was to befall them as Madison’s younger brother died suddenly in 2013 from heart failure.  To suffer such losses is truly heart breaking but the strength they have found from each other has been their road to survival.    They both now work tirelessly for the Compassionate Friends, Denise being the regional coordinator  for Louisiana.  Duffy is a tugboat captain so spends weeks away from home but is always on the phone do  some deal or other that brings in much needed gifts and finance for the charity.  He even managed to blag tickets for our trip down the Mississippi on a paddleboat.

hairsalon(janes phone)WC

dand d at night (janes phone)WC

On the way to board Duffy’s tug boat for a night shoot

steamer (janes phone)WC


Jane and Denise doing a Thelma and Louise!